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Panther Pride Foundation 

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Maumee, Ohio  43537
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Mission & Vision

Today, more than ever before, Ohio public schools are doing more with less.

In Maumee, like communities across the state, budgets are severely strained by stagnant state funding and increasing unfunded mandates. Maumee High School prides itself on fiscal responsibility and is vigilant in seeking cost-saving opportunities. The majority of school expenses are personnel costs. We are fortunate to have a very experienced, highly educated teaching staff. We have already reduced expenses and have reached the academic tipping point where additional cuts will have a significant and devastating impact on programs and services provided to students. Because of these challenges, your gift is more important than ever.

The Panther Pride Foundation was created to meet the needs of our students and community.

Panther Pride Foundation Goals:

Ensure Maumee High School has the resources needed to educate the whole student.  Engage students in critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, innovation, teamwork and creativity to thrive as tomorrow's leaders.

Inspire a lifelong love of learning and a commitment to serving the community. Make education meaningful by connecting classroom learning with the broader context of citizenship within the community.

Stay competitive with other high schools in order to attract families to the community. Invest in quality programs and facilities to attract and retain residents.

Putting our best face forward. Ensure our facilities, stadium, and campus reflect the high-quality academics, arts, and athletics we are known for.

Support local property values and quality of life.
 Compliment and enhance the exiting Maumee community and attract potential home buyers to our area by providing competitive, high-performing schools, facilities, and programs.

Provide an opportunity to give back. Offer a vehicle for loyal and committed alumni and community members to support the high school philanthropically.

Show your community pride by making a gift
to the Panther Pride Foundation.

Your donation will help ensure that future generations of Maumee High School students have access to high-quality educational and extra-curricular experiences, like the students before them. Your generosity will also benefit our community by supporting the facilities and expanded educational experiences that make Maumee High School great – and that shine like a jewel in the crown of our city. Donations of any size are welcome. We accept gifts of cash, check, or credit card. Please make checks payable to Panther Pride Foundation. Our address is 1147 Saco Street, Maumee OH 43537.  For more information on how to support MHS through the Panther Pride Foundation, please contact us.

Legacy Gift Giving 

Want to make a legacy contribution to the Panther Pride Foundation?  Contact:  Bridget Holt with the Toledo Community Foundation at  or Matt Dick, MHS principal at

Donor Bill of Rights


Our community’s greatest asset is unquestionably our Maumee City Schools. For generations, children in our city have received an excellent education that leads to opportunities in life. As alumni of Maumee High School, we can show today’s students that we remember where we came from by supporting the PANTHER PRIDE FOUNDATION. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of so many children. We can show today’s students, “WE ARE MAUMEE!”

Richard H. Carr, Esq. 
Maumee High School 
Class of 1975

Maumee High School gave me the preparation I needed to succeed in life through helping me to learn what my passions are and how to pursue them. The teachers that I encountered helped me to get excited about what I was learning as I saw their love for the students in the classroom. These teachers became mentors by teaching me more than just the subject we studied but instead about how to be a successful life-long learner. Both inside and outside the classroom, I felt prepared for my time at college and my future where I have pursued a career in academics and hope to pass on the same passion to students I encounter.

Lynn Secondo
Maumee High School 
Class of 2008

School is about becoming. Growing up. Maturing. Transforming. When a student finally moves beyond an 'educational step' he should no longer be who he once was. He should be better. And if I had to say one thing about my time at Maumee High School it would be this—it made me better. I became a better learner. A better son. A better teammate. A better friend.

The administrators, teachers, and coaches at Maumee High School cared about what I learned but they seemed to know that learning was in the service of becoming and it was to that goal they seemed most committed. Thanks to them when it was time for me to move beyond the “educational step” of high school I was no longer who I was when I started—I was better. I like to think my time as a panther started me on a trajectory of becoming. Becoming a better me. And I’m grateful.   

Michael O'Shea
Maumee High School
Class of 1998

Examples of Giving

A family gift from the Maumee Wagener’s was formally dedicated on July 10, 2019 at the James L. Chappuis '73 Alumni Hall.  The Wagener’s gift was used to furnish the interior of the alumni hall with high top tables, kitchen equipment, and closed circuit TVs.  The generosity of this multi-generational gift is just one way proud Maumee families can come together and support the needs of the school.

wagener - Copy

The Burkett Family dedicated a memorial in honor of MHS alumni Jim Burkett’ 80. With a gift from the family, the end island at Mannik Way (MHS to South Entrance driveway) has a rose garden and a spruce tree dedicated to Jim and his time at MHS. His wife Sue, ’81 said that much of his time at MHS was on one of the two fields and excelled in being a team player. Jim Cellio, past teacher, principal and coach stated, “Jim Burkett was a starter as an offensive lineman and defensive end for two outstanding football teams in 1978-1979. Both teams were 8 and 2. Jim was not only a talented all-league performer in football but also excelled in baseball for the Panthers. More importantly, Jim was a leader and an extremely hard worker. He was not gifted with great speed, size, or strength, but he had what every coach wants in a player - great heart and great devotion to his teammates. I was fortunate to see Jim several times in his adult life. He was very proud of his family. I cannot think of a better example of what we as teachers and coaches want our students and players to be in school and in life. My best wishes to Sue and the family.”

 jim Burkett